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TERM by Commoditas


TERM is a digital skill profile, delivering valuable information and insights that accelerate the pace of workforce science. 

Learn how we visualise your true value to an organisation and how employers are using our tool to make more informed hiring decisions as they lose confidence in traditional resume hiring strategies.   

We are all more
than what's on our resume!
Titles and years of experience are no longer a person’s number-one currency.
In this agile business environment, employers have to seek out who is poised to do the job and who has the right skills, rather than focus on titles or specific job experience.
Visualised data can tell better stories about individuals, teams and organisations than plain numbers or text.

TERM provides a digital score of the things you'll never learn from a resume: whether the candidate was disciplined at their prior job, their culture, true skill-set, ability to hit targets or maintain performance under pressure.

TERM Process

TERM Commoditas Process

TERM is managed by a dedicated quality evaluation team that work to the highest standard of confidentiality and in line with all data regulations.

TERM Scoring.

Each consultant is scored across four areas to help employers make better and informed decisions when hiring key talent. 
TERM Commoditas TERM Scoring
Track Record

Performance | Targets Deadline | Pressure


Industry | Process System | Technology


Delivery | Deadlines Budgets | Staff


Reliability | Reputation Respected | Perception

Visualizing True Value 

Each TERM score is based on specific opportunity requirements and visualises the data that you'll never learn from a resume.

TERM Commoditas Mobile
Outshine the Competition. 

TERM creates a digital version of a skill-set and experience profile, guaranteed a spotlight position over the traditional resume.

Commoditas Spotlight
Top Digital CV Piles. 

For years, recruiters have advised job seekers to have references available in their briefcases or on their computers. In today's world, credible digital profiles should be leveraged to help skills stand out from the crowd.

Our TERM process helps derive a digital score that can help job seekers get to the top of the CV pile, increase chances of interview selection and help secure a job offer.


TERM Commoditas Stand Out
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