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Commoditas About Us

Enabling Businesses to Grow and Individuals to Achieve

Carl Vellenoweth
Chief Executive Officer

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Commoditas Core Values

Our business centres around people and trust.

Being entrusted with people's careers and business growth is a responsibility Commoditas take very seriously. 

From the beginning, Commoditas set out to be a different kind of recruiter. One that not only celebrated recruitment but also a real passion for the markets we serve. 

These are the values that guide our business, our business development, relationship management, and our brand. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these four values remain constant. 

Offering unique and tailored recruitment and consulting services.
Commodity and Finance technology enthusiasts.
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A detailed approach. Bringing high standards to everything we do.
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This principle is the driving force of our business. 

Join the Club.

The Commoditas Club.

The Commoditas Club is a members-only community for Commodity and Finance Technologists to collaborate, increase knowledge, build relationships, keep up to date with tax compliance and explore up-and-coming projects.

The Commoditas Journey
from our CEO 

Changing the Game.

Carl Vellenoweth, CEO Commoditas

When working in the commodity and finance markets in 2006, I was tasked with implementing a new trading software. Many recruitment agents later, and having been on the business end of a ‘spray and lay’ mentality coupled with an overall lack of understanding of the markets, I took it upon myself to source my own team of experts. And I haven’t looked back since.

Following many retained headhunting assignments and a few leadership roles in executive search, I started Commoditas with the aim of creating a complete specialist talent consultancy and advisory made up of specialist teams dedicated to commodity and finance technology-centric organisations and professionals. Our teams have high standards, and it shows in how we approach markets, terminology and technology. Add in contemporary recruitment and consulting expertise, and this is how we build value across the entire talent management chain.

In light of the recent pandemic, the way businesses engage talent and how job seekers explore opportunities has changed. That’s why we have developed our own marketplace — the Virtual Bench and TERM, our own unique digital reference. These two put better results and outstanding user experience on the horizon.

That said, our talent and project networks are impressive, built from strategic business development and long-term relationships with passive candidates, adding significant value compared to traditional and generic recruitment services.

I hope you enjoy reading through our services and find good reasons to use Commoditas in the near future.

Carl Vellenoweth, Commoditas CEO
Carl Vellenoweth
Chief Executive
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