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ERP's Most Valued Asset.

ERP & Supply Chain Management Technology

Our SCM & ERP practice understands the approaches for pursuing the most volatile, critical and often largest, components of company spend for commodity organisations and, the dependence on top tech talent to help analyse, implement and support their management systems.

Our consultants have exceptional understanding and knowledge of all modes of transportation, from origination to FMCG and, the importance of traceability and branding to the modern supply chain.

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ERP Business Management

Commoditas consultants are experienced sourcing talent across the entire ERP lifecycle.


ERP Change & Transformation

Commoditas consultants are experienced sourcing experts throughout the organisational change and transformation project lifecycle. 

ERP Energy, Agriculture and Commodity Technology Recruiter. Recruitment company Commoditas ERP change and transformation Talent. CTRM, ETRM.

ERP Systems

Commoditas sources technical and functional talent with a wide array of third-party system experience, including:

ERP SAP Recruiter. Recruitment sk managementcompany Commoditas, working with energy and commodity logistics, supply chain and trading and risk manage ERP SAP consultants. ETRM, CTRM.
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