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A plagiarism checker tool uses advanced database software that runs scans to match a written text with other existing texts. Education institutions use this tool to check the uniqueness of any content.

Any plagiarism checker tool will first crawl web content. It will then index it as a list. The device finally checks the similarities of its text, comparing them with an existing online content database.

The final result appears as the tool gathers an “exact match” on keyword analysis. The system highlights similar texts on the screen using different colours. You’ll also find paraphrasing plagiarism tools that can identify comparable (or non-exact) matches.

The two main differences between plagiarism checkers are –

  1. Scanning quality– Plagiarism checkers' scanning quality differs from tool to tool. While some tools identify exact matches, others look for non-exact matches within altered texts or paraphrased contents. The process these Factoring Calculator tools use is called fingerprinting.

  2. Database size– Since database access differs across various plagiarism checkers, major differences can arise in the final search results. While free Gpa Calculator can access small databases, better plagiarism tools carry larger databases to look for matches.

Students can commit plagiarism errors by accident; despite their best intentions. Therefore, online tools like the Aspa Citation Generator tool or a plagiarism checker can help them identify the flaws in their content.


A plagiarism checker tool scans across multiple written and existing texts to check a given content. The result will either show the exact matches in different colours or nothing.

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